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Posted on: April 9, 2012 3:35 pm

Petrino's job in jeopardy?

So here we are.  Arkansas Razorback coach Petrino crashes his motorcycle this past week.  So what right?  It's just an accident.  Coach on!

Oh wait.  There was a 25 year old blonde bombshell on the back of the motorcycle too. 

And the big question came.  Will Petrino remain as coach.

Here's my spin.  Think back just a few years ago.  President Bill Clinton, cigars and interns.  Remember all that nonsense?  Did Clinton remain to lead our country?  I thought he did too.  Infidelity has become less and less an issue in the American society.  Can we screw around and keep our jobs?  Absolutely. 

Coach on Petrino.  Cool


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